Madonna Loses Auction Battle Over Tupac Letter

NEW YORK (AP) — Pop star Madonna has lost her battle to prevent an auction of her personal items, including a love letter from her ex-boyfriend, the late rapper Tupac Shakur, a pair of worn panties and a hairbrush containing her hair. Last year, a judge ordered Gotta Have It! Collectibles to pull the items from its impending rock ‘n’ roll-themed auction after the Material Girl sought an emergency court order. In a decision revealed Monday, the judge dismissed the case on grounds the statute of limitations to recover the items had passed. The auction house told The New York Times it had done due diligence on the items and was confident Madonna had no claim. The company says the auction will be in July. Starting bid for the Tupac letter is $100,000.

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Velvalea Hortense Rodgers Phillips

The city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin is in mourning after news that the trailblazing Vel Phillips passed this past Tuesday (April 17). Among the several firsts she accomplished, Phillips was the first Black judge in Milwaukee, and the first Black Secretary of State for Wisconsin. Born Velvalea Hortense Rodgers on February 18, 1923, she was raised in Milwaukee’s South Side neighborhood. After winning a scholarship, she attended and graduated from Howard University in 1946. She then entered the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, becoming the first Black woman to graduate from the school in 1951. It was there she met her husband, Dale Phillips, and the pair became the first husband and wife duo to be admitted to the Wisconsin bar. Phillip’s foray into politics began in 1956 when she became a member of the city’s Common Council. She used the position to push for changes in Milwaukee, chiefly in the “Inner Core” district she presided over, which suffered from poor conditions and other issues. A hallmark of her time in politics was rallying against unfair housing practices and working with the NAACP on various issues. In 1971, Phillips became the first woman judge in Milwaukee County and the city’s first Black judge. In 1978, she made history once more after being named Secretary of the State. After leaving office, she remained politically and socially active, becoming a hero to many in the city of Milwaukee and the state. Just hours before her passing, the Milwaukee Common …

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Simply The Best? UK Critics Praise Tina Turner Stage Musical

Musician Tina Turner, left, poses for photographers with actress Adrienne Warren, who plays Tina Turner, during a photo call to promote the launch of the musical ‘Tina’, in London. LONDON (AP) — British theater critics on Wednesday praised a new stage musical about the life of Tina Turner — one that also has the approval of the star herself. Turner was in the audience for the opening night of “Tina” at London’s Aldwych Theatre. After the show Tuesday, she joked that “I’ve found a replacement” in Adrienne Warren, who plays the brassy singer in the musical. The show charts Turner’s roots in small-town Tennessee, her musical apprenticeship alongside abusive husband Ike Turner and her solo breakthrough in the 1980s with hits such as “Private Dancer” and “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” a script by American playwright Katori Hall, “Tina” is driven by powerhouse tunes and a performance by Warren that the Guardian newspaper called “simply astonishing.” The newspaper’s Michael BiIlington called the show “a heady celebration of triumph over adversity … (that) boasts a whirlwind performance by Adrienne Warren that left the audience, though not the star herself, breathless.” Warren, an American performer who was nominated for a Tony Award for “Shuffle Along” on Broadway, looks set to become a London stage star with a performance judged “stupendous” by The Independent newspaper. In the Daily Mail, Quentin Letts said Warren’s voice was a match for Turner’s, and “could reduce the very citadel of Jericho to rubble.” Critics also praised British actor …

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Fox Anchors Call Black Student Accepted To 20 Colleges ‘Ridiculous’

Micheal Brown, a brilliant high school senior, is still waiting for a formal apology from Fox News – and he certainly deserves it. Brown has been offered a full ride in scholarships to 20 different colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford – but his celebration was somewhat dampened after Fox anchors in Washington, D.C. called Brown “obnoxious” for applying to so many colleges. Fox 5 D.C. co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser criticized Brown, who is African-American, and accused him of holding potential college slots hostage for other deserving students. “It’s a little ridiculous that this kid applied to 20 taking away a spot and basically wait-listing another kid,” Fraser said earlier this month. “I think it’s a little obnoxious because you can only go to one,” Morris added. “You can only take one full ride and you are taking a spot from someone else who worked really hard.” Brown is simply asking for an apology. Why shouldn’t Brown apply to as many colleges as he chooses? He has worked hard in high school to earn his 4.68 GPA and the bright 17-year-old wants the best college education available to him. Shouldn’t Brown be praised for being accepted into America’s top colleges? This is an uplifting story, a tale of inspiration. The video of Brown celebrating with friends went viral and many people, Black and white, enthusiastically supported Brown on Twitter. Even former President Bill Clinton reached out to congratulate him. “What an incredible accomplishment, Michael,” he wrote on …

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Rachel Dolezal Is Making A Living As A Hairstylist In Washington

Rachel Dolezal is reportedly catering to the hairstyling needs of black women across the Spokane, Washington, area, Daily Mail Reports. The former NAACP leader, who claims to be Black but was outed in 2015 as a white woman, operates a hair salon in her home and boasts about her skills via Instagram pictures of her clients’ various styles. Dolezal, who will star in a Netflix documentary “The Rachel Divide” on April 27, has been doing hair in her home for quite some time and offers an array of services — from weaves, braids, twists, locs and dreads. “Where the magic happens #timetowork #hairchair #morebraidingtoday,” she said in a post on April 9 showing a salon chair that she uses in what appears to be her living room. Many of her clients have offered their testimonials to the hair stylings Dolezal provides. “I love the braids so much I can’t stop taking pictures. LOL. Thank you,” one customer appears to say in a text conversation. Dolezal even has cards for her ‘VIP Clients’ offering a fifth style for free after getting four done. “New punch cards in for my VIP hair clients!! Get one at your next appointment,” she said in a post on February 9. A customer made a collage of the braids that she’s had done by Dolezal. A post dated January 11 showed that Rachel’s hair skills are worthy enough to secure a chair at Local Legendz Barbershop in Spokane. She previously dropped the book Ebony Tresses in November, which Rachael says celebrates Black hair. Would you let Rachael Dolezal do your hair?

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