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Not Fierce At 50? Jennifer Aniston Admits She Isn’t Always ‘The Belle Of The Ball’

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Jennifer Aniston has revealed it took some for her to build confidence in Hollywood.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the former Friends star, 50, admitted her adjustment to fame hasn’t been easy and she still struggles with it.

“It’s not always easy to turn the noise down,” she told the publication. “There are moments when you’re the belle of the ball, and there are moments when you’re not up to par.”

After years of being in the industry, however, Aniston is finally certain of who she is.

“It took me a couple of years to gain the confidence that I am worth fighting for,” the actress said.

“I am a powerful woman. I have opportunities and I can acknowledge that I know where I’ve come from, I know what I’ve gone through, and I know how fortunate and blessed I am to be where I am today.”

As readers know, Aniston plans to detail the ups and downs of her career and overall life in a tell-all memoir.

The idea for the book was partly inspired by Demi Moore‘s deal for her autobiography, Inside Out.

“Jen is at a moment in her life where she has time to sit down and write,” a source previously told Radar. “She has a lot she wants to get out there, the struggles she went through early in her career, what she really thought about Friends, her many romances, her marriages.”

Much like Moore, 56, who has the same business team as Aniston, “nothing will be off limits” in her book, but it might be some time before anyone will get their hands on it.

Aniston is reportedly “going to wait a reasonable amount of time after Demi’s is published and then she’s going to pull the trigger.”

Readers can assume Aniston’s book will include her some of her experiences while on the set of Friends and some special memories with her late dog, Dolly.

She might also address her previous marriages to former husbands Brad Pitt, who she divorced in 2005 and Justin Thereoux, who she separated from in 2017.

In fact, it was after her most recent split that she received offers to write a tell-all autobiography.

Radar exclusively reported the memoir would “make her fortune.”

“This would be Jen’s chance to set the record straight about so many aspects of her life that have been badly conveyed or misunderstood,” insider revealed exclusively to Radar at the time.

“It wouldn’t be anything salacious or unpleasant, because that’s not Jen’s style and never would be,” revealed the insider. “But she figures that if anyone’s going to put together a definite portrait of her life then it may as well be her.”

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