NYC Resident Tested For Coronavirus As 700 In NY State Are Forced To Self-Quarantine

One New York City resident is being tested for Coronavirus as 700 in New York state are forced to self-quarantine.

According to health officials, 112 people in Long Island, 83 people in Nassau County, 29 in Suffolk County and eight in Westchester are now in voluntarily quarantine to protect themselves from being infected with the virus.

While one New Yorker is still being tested for the virus, CBS reported there are still no confirmed cases in the city or in New Jersey.

Residents know that On Wednesday, February 26, President Donald Trump discussed his plan to control the Coronavirus for the first time, and appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the response against the international crisis. Among other things, he asked for $2.5 billion from Congress to fund the Coronavirus response

While Trump, 73, insists the risk for Americans is still low, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it’s not a matter of if Coronavirus will spread in the country, but when.

On Wednesday, NYC Major Bill de Blasio joined health officials to outline a plan of action once the virus reaches the city.

“We’re in a state of high vigilance, high readiness all across city government to address this crisis,” de Blasio said.

When the time comes, 1,200 hospital beds will be available throughout the city to treat affected patients.

Plus, 1.5 million surgical masks will be given to healthcare professionals and first responders, including New York Police Department officials. As residents know, the N95 respiratory masks seem to be the only masks that shield individuals from the virus. Because of that, they’ve run out nearly everywhere in the country. De Blasio is asking for 300,000 more masks to be brought to the country.

“We’ve given out thousands upon thousands of gloves, masks, and wipes to our command. Patrols, housing and transit has them,” NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan told CBS.

As of now, Coronavirus — officially nabbed COVID-19 — has infected 83,265 people around the world. 36,436 have recovered, 2,858 have died. Some of the places affected include Mainland China — where the virus started — South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Brazil, the Unites States and Mexico, where the first two cases were reported this week. The Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan carried the second largest group of infected patients after China. Four of the 705 infected on the ship have died.

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