Help us develop a FAQ!

Hi everyone. I haven't been here long, but I've noticed a few questions pop up almost daily. I think it would be valuable to have a few Frequently Asked Questions threads as a resource when those questions inevitably come up in the subreddit. Please let me know in the comments which questions you're honestly tired of seeing. submitted by /u/TheYellowRose [link] [comments]

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Quick note on quarantined subreddits

Today the admins of reddit announced that some new subs were added to their quarantine. You can find the list here. There are some subreddits listed that are relevant to dating/lifestyle. These subreddits are quarantined due to their hateful, misogynistic nature which inherently runs afoul to our efforts to maintain a positive community. Mention of and linking to these subreddits is not allowed. First offenders will get a warning, then temporary bans as needed. Please report any rule-breaking behaviour to us as you see it. Thank you. submitted by /u/TheYellowRose [link] [comments]

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Finally broke out of the friend zone and have a date coming up!

I (M21) had been friends, although not super close, with this girl (F22) for a few years. Yesterday, she same up to me while we were out at the bar and asked me when I was going to take her out on a date. I had replied with “Why would I do that? You put me in the friend zone years ago!” She replied with “Yeah, but your out now, so let’s go on a date!” Never thought breaking out of the friendzone is a real thing! submitted by /u/internforasummer [link] [comments]

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Should I stop telling girls that I don’t eat dessert?

So to preface this, I lost 50+ lbs over 5 years ago and have since kept up a healthy lifestyle. I don’t really drink caffeine or alcohol and I don’t eat desserts except maybe once every few months and only for special occasions. I just don’t have a sweet tooth anymore and everything tastes too sweet/ sugary if that makes any sense. Recently I’ve noticed a weird trend, especially with dating apps, where a girl will stop responding or lose interest because I mention how I rarely eat sweets. I’m a 25M and I’m looking for a girl who is interested in fitness and nutrition but I don’t care if someone still enjoys sweets every now and again, it’s just not something I care for. But for some reason that seems to be a dealbreaker so should I stop mentioning it? Edit: I got a lot more responses than I anticipated. The dessert thing doesn’t get mentioned a lot, but there have been instances where I’ve mentioned it because we’re setting something up and then the line goes dark. It could be because of that or other reasons, it’s just something I’ve noticed. If I’m coming across as judgemental, it’s not what I’m intending. I just don’t eat dessert for my own health. Would I prefer a partner who felt the same? Sure, but moderation is the key. And yes, I understand you can be healthy and eat sweets, again, it’s all about that moderation. It’s not in my profile, …

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