Daily Free-for-all Discussion- June 25, 2019

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Guy I was seeing started dating someone else

This honestly sucks. We were seeing each other (F25/ M27) for 5 months. It was hard to be together and when he ended things, he made it seem like it was due to schedule incompatibility, that he liked me and wanted to me with me but we couldn’t do it right now. Come to find out that he seems to be in a relationship with another girl for a few weeks, seems like they started by the time we stopped talking or maybe before (hope not, actually). Why is it so hard to say “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you?” that’s fine and understandable, why make excuses. Now I just feel played and sad. Tldr: dated an asshole and trusted what he said instead of trusting my gut feeling and questioning the things he said. Now he is happy and in a relationship Edit: we ended things once. On the second time (few weeks ago), after being together again we didn’t end it. He just said that he was the one that was going to leave this situation worse since he’s the one who can’t have a relationship and then he just stopped talking Edit 2: Thank you very much for all the advice! I didn’t expect to see that many people in the same situation, which is good because I now know I’m really not alone in this but also kinda sad to see that so many people act this way. The post is kind …

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A Small Guide to Self-Improvement

Hey everyone, someone asked if I could make a post like this, and I felt that it’d be fun to do so. I semi-recently made a post on how happy I’ve been feeling post-break up, since I’ve been taking the time to focus on who I am and what makes me happy. I’d like to give tips to anyone who’s looking for some help. For the record, all of this is through my perspective and personal experiences, so they may not work perfectly for everyone, but hopefully they help someone! :) Tip #0: Find Your Why I believe that before anything else, this step must occur. What I’ve personally found helpful while working on myself is that knowing why you want something is the most important thing you can master. Find what drives you, what gives you goosebumps to think about, what motivates you to want to be better. Most people don’t think about why they want something and instead only focus on what they want or how to get what they want. Which isn’t necessarily bad in my opinion because both of those are also important, but I feel the why gives a much more personal commitment to your self-improvement. So when it inevitably comes time to face challenges life throws, if you have that why locked in your mind, you can keep your focus and motivation when it gets rough. Tip #1: Develop a Positive Mindset I was in a pretty negative relationship when I started thinking about …

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Late twenties guy, what should I be looking for?

Hello everyone, I'm a late twenties guy, haven't dated since high school. TLDR: Had bad experiences dating in high school. Didn't date in college due to a mix of those bad experiences and other variables that I don't have time to explain. However now that I've been out of college for 2 years and I've matured, become financially successful, eat better, exercise, etc I'm a lot more confident with myself. I want to go back into the dating scene and spend my time with a lady and I know exactly what I'm looking for in a partner in addition to knowing what I need from a partner. I'm not looking for hookups/one night stands but not looking to get married either. I'm just looking for a meaningful but fun relationship I can have with a lady where there is both plenty of romance and sex. However due to me being out of the dating game for so long I'm sort of confused where I should be looking for women. I live in a large city in the West Coast so I know there are a lot of places to look but due to my unusual situation I'm not sure what kind of women I should be going for. Since I have been out of dating for so long I am going to be really rusty with kissing/sex (in fact I'm a virgin, I did everything else in high school except sex) so I think that rules out dating women in …

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