IMAX’s VR Center, Facebook Wants Your TV & More! | BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech.

@JoeKBraswell and @AkiliShine discuss tech & geek news on BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech! Today’s stories:


• Caavo’s set-top box fixes everything you hate about watching TV

• 200 coders and hackers united to save NASA’s data from deletion

• Qantas now lets you use Netflix and Spotify while flying

• Now you can climb Mount Everest in VR

• IMAX reveals flagship Virtual Reality center in Los Angeles

• Stream live NBA games in VR a la carte staring Feb 23rd

• Facebook’s next conquest: Your TV

• Siri will pretend to be the Batcomputer if you say this


• John Wick 2 Review

• How the Grammys performed on social media

• Watching the Grammy’s live streaming online

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