Interview with Psychic Richard Win | BHL Conversations

Black Hollywood live host Derrial Christon interviews Psychic Richard Win.

About Richard Win: 

Richard Win is a world-renowned, celebrity Psychic Psychometrist.  His medium is holding personal objects and retrieving information from them.  Originally from New Jersey, Richard currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  Richard knew from an early age he had psychic abilities, however, he was discouraged by friends and family who were afraid of his gift and convinced him to keep it hidden for many years.  In his late 30s, Richard was seeking a new career path after enjoying a successful career as a song writer (music & lyrics) for numerous artists, including Táta Vega on Motown Records.  At the encouragement of a close friend and fellow psychic, Richard decided to finally embrace his psychic gift and rose to fame among a small inner circle of celebrities who promoted him via “word-of-mouth.”

On April 3, 2018, his client, Spencer Barnes, celebrity ma

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