iOS11 Review, History Made at Emmys & More – BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech.

@JoeKBraswell and @AkiliShine discuss the biggest news from the Tech world for September 20th, 2017.

• iOS11 review: 10 things you should try
• Apple admits to Apple Watch LTE problems just before it ships
• Google’s AI head says super-intelligent AI scare stories are stupid
• launches $5M innovationfund to counter ‘hate an extremism’
• Twitter removed 299,649 accounts tied to terrorism in first half of 2017
• Twitter fixed ‘bug’ that let marketers target people who use the N-word
• Facebook delivers Russian ad data to special counsel Robert Mueller
• Russia’s Facebook fake news could have reached 70M Americans
• Amazon reportedly working on Alexa-enables ‘smart glasses’
• Budweiser offers 150k free Lyft rides

• How these 6 award winners just made history at the emmys
• Got a PS4? Add VR for only $300
• Microsoft opens pre-orders for standard Xbox One X

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