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Black Hollywood live host TK Trinidad interviews Lolita Files!
Lolita Files, the legendary NY Times Best-Selling author and foremost Tupac/Biggie/Compton expert who is the leading respected source of the upcoming A&E docuseries “Who Killed Tupac?” and who for the first time reveals the murderers and more in her new book Once Upon a Time in Compton.
With fans including Kanye West who secured the rights to her lauded best-selling book Child of God, Lolita Files exposes new truths in Once Upon A Time in Compton (Brown Girls Books). Lolita’s research has spanned over four years – and is a firsthand glimpse into a world during an era many have heard about in song and legend, but have rarely had the opportunity to witness at ground level, from the inside out, through the eyes of two men who witnessed and experienced it all.
Lolita Files a hugely influential and admired bestselling author of six novels, a screenwriter, and a producer for stage, film, and television. Her accl

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