Michellé Michaels Interview | Black Hollywood Lives’ Conversations

Black Hollywood live host Shar Jossell interviews Michellé Michaels.

Yuriel “Michel’le” Young was born and raised in Oakland, Ca where her passion to entertain started with her training in African, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Tap dance at the ripe age of 8. She began performing at age 16 and has been growing into the magnificent household name we know her as today.

Michel’le in pursuit of her dreams moved to Los Angeles in 2004 where she worked hard and dedicated herself to her craft and passion. Obtaining her Cosmetology License in 2007 she has become a staple in the entertainment scene with off the wall exciting performances that inspire and influence the multitudes! Her appearances bring the attention of nothing less than a mass market concert audience as she is often noted to be the Rihanna and Beyonce within the community and she doesn’t seem to be ready to stop anytime soon.

Michel’le is nothing less than a visionary with an imagination

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