Mike Epps On His Beef W/ Kevin Hart: ‘Nobody Owes Anyone Respect’

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It looks like the beef between Kevin Hart and Mike Epps has resurfaced!

The two comedians have engaged in a war of words over the last few years, and last year fans thought the two squashed their issues. But now that they both have projects to promote — (Epps has the upcoming feature “Dolemite” and Hart currently stars n “Night School”) — the two seemed to have entered back into this petty territory where they’re firing shots at each other.

Last month, Hart alluded that Epps is jealous of his career… see the post below

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Nick Cannon decided he wanted some attention from the drama as well, so he decided to get involved by throwing his support behind Kevin. As expected… that didn’t go over too well with Mike… see the post below.


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In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Epps was asked what the issue between the two of them, he explained:

This is the thing about that whole situation. This is a lifetime achievement for all of us. And I think that some of us, when we get success we turn into the police. When you have a platform, where you can speak on things –  everybody loves a winner. That’s the thing about when you’re winning, you don’t know who is really on your side, they just riding for you. And if you have a platform over everybody else, it’s easy for you to make things the way you want them to look.

When asked if Epps felt its important for Hart to acknowledge his contributions to the game, Epps explained…

I don’t think he owes me none of that. Nobody owes [anyone] respect. I just think, if you’re in a position of power, you can’t be a gatekeeper; you can’t be the police; you can’t like a victim. Every time, and people can have an opinion about you. Just because you’re the CEO of something or if you have more than the next person, that doesn’t mean that a person can’t have an opinion about you. Everybody is not going to like you, and you can’t be upset with everybody for not liking you. If I’m that kind of position, I don’t have anything to say! Not with that kind of money!

Epps previously remarked about how he thinks every other comedian is funnier than Hart.
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