The Prancing Elites Interview | BHL’s Conversations

BHL: Conversations — In this episode Black Hollywood Live host Jesse Janedy interviews The Prancing Elites!

About The Prancing Elites Project:
Set in the Southern town of Mobile, Alabama, five gay best friends will make sure they earn their place in the dance world by twerking their way to the top of the competition. So what if they are all black and gay, they believe they are just as good as the all-girl groups, and they mean to show everyone they deserve to be ‘reck-a-nized.’ The dance moves are all very intricate, complicated moves that only that talented and the fierce should attempt.

Viewers will get to see the Prancing Elites of Mobile shake their butts in dance competitions, parades and football games in the Deep South. Viewers will also see heart wrenching scenes where the dancers are faced with rude comments and are often turned away from various events. In the first episode entitled ‘We Came To Dance,’ the ‘Prancing Elites’ get a visit from Re

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