Trump vs. Net Neutrality, Google Accused of Pay Discrimination & More – BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech.

@JoeKBraswell and @AkiliShine discuss the biggest news from the Tech world for April 12th, 2017.

• The US Border Patrol is trying to build face reading drones
• How Trump plans to dump net neutrality
• FCC is reversing its proposal to allow cell phone use on planes
• Amazon will stream Thursday night NFL games
• Amazon will soon refund up to $70M of in-app purchases made by children
• Google accused of ‘very significant’ pay discrimination
• Twitter refuses US order to reveal user behind and-Trump account
• Jeff Bezos shows off the crew capsule that could take tourists to space

• A teen wrote #BlackLivesMatter on a college application and got it
• Spotify Premium users will get some albums 2 weeks before free users
• Jay Z pulls albums from Spotify and Apple music to see if you’ll switch to Tidal
• How Seria’s spinoff ’S-Town’ became podcasting newest hit
• Liberal

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